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Wagyu Stew

Don't let chilly fall weather get you down. Warm up with a filling bowl of warm stew made with our delicious 21 day dry aged stew beef.


1-2 pkgs of Wagyu Stew Beef

4-5 Potatoes diced

2-3 Carrots peeled & chopped

2-3 stalks chopped Celery

1 lg onion diced

minced garlic




In a large sauce pot over low heat cook beef until medium rare. Add water and cut vegetables to desired amount of broth. Add garlic to taste. We love garlic so we add 3 heaping spoonful's. Add salt, pepper & basil to taste. You can get creative and add any other spices you prefer. Don't be scared to have fun with this stew. Our ten year old aspiring chef cooked & created this recipe. Check him out on facebook as Tonys Cak

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