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All About Us

We are a new Wagyu farm located in Columbia County, in New York's Hudson Valley region. We strive to provide high quality locally sourced Wagyu beef for your farm to table experience.

Our farm is located 80 miles North of NYC and 15 miles East of Hudson. We pride ourselves in providing high quality Full blood Wagyu.

We are three lifelong friends and residents of Columbia County NY. A military veteran, a firefighter

& a nurse.

Joe, the firefighter & now farmer, is the voice you hear on the other end of the phone. He is responsible for caring for the herd on a daily basis as well as delivery of meat.

Jason, the military veteran, is the financer & brains of the operation. He is also the marketing wizard earning him the nickname Merlin.

Clara, the nurse, is the social media guru & the person on the other end of any e-mails. Also, a pretty darned good bookkeeper if I do say so myself. 

Tagging along for the cattle raising adventure are the farmers in training Joseph, Anthony & Matthew. Often referred to as the farmhands.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide the highest quality Wagyu beef around. With the exception to a few feed ingredients flown in from Japan everything is locally sourced in Columbia County NY. 

Great genetics is important to us. All our cows are registered with the American Wagyu Association. We strive to have a top-notch breeding program, selecting only the best genetic lines.

We raise our full blood Wagyu cattle with compassion, taking great pride in their care. Great beef comes from happy cows.

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